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Sleep Disorders Center

Sleep reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. This nightly drop in blood pressure is believed to be good for cardiovascular health. If your blood pressure doesn't dip because you don't get enough sleep, you may be more likely to have a stroke or develop heart problems, such as angina, irregular heartbeat or heart attack.

Also, studies show that memory and learning improve when you're well-rested. The exact reasons why this happens are unknown. But it is believed that while you sleep, you may be forming or reinforcing the pathways of brain cells that you use to learn and remember things.

And—no surprise here—lack of sleep can make you irritable and depressed. Without adequate sleep, you can also have trouble focusing or paying attention.

If you fall into these categories, Jackson Sleep Disorders Center can help. We are a fully accredited sleep diagnostic facility. The center performs over 2,000 sleep studies per year and is equipped with some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment. Our professional staff is specially trained and our physicians are all board-certified sleep disorders specialists. Our center was designed and equipped with our customers' comfort in mind. Our private sleep study rooms offer comfortable beds and a homelike atmosphere.