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BPCI-Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced

My Ticket to Quality Care

Jackson Hospital & Clinic is participating in a new CMS initiative which seeks to improve the quality of care furnished to you and reduce costs while you are in the hospital and after your discharge home/into the community.

A member of the Jackson Hospital & Clinic healthcare team will explain the programs that have been designed to help you after your discharge from hospital. Following your discharge instructions will lower your chances of becoming sick again and needing to return to the hospital. We understand you will be eager and excited to go home; however, please remember the following details to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Listen carefully and ask questions in order to learn every part of your discharge plan.
  • Use this time to fully discuss any concerns with your hospital care team before you leave.
  • We are here to help you return to a quality life and we want the best for you and your family.

After Discharge

  • Keep your follow-up doctor’s appointment(s) (within 7 days of discharge/or as requested by your physician)
  • Review and follow your discharge instructions that the nurse gave you at discharge.
  • Pick up and take your medications as prescribed.
  • You may get a call from the Patient Call Manager Nurses or an Advanced Nurse Navigator to check on you.

What do I need to know about BPCI Advanced?

What’s most important for you to know Is that your Medicare rights & benefits do not change. Because Jackson Hospital & Clinic is participating in BPCI Advanced, Medicare will keep covering all of your medically necessary services. Even though Medicare will pay your doctor in a different way under BPCI Advanced, how much you have to pay won’t change.

What does BPCI Advanced mean for me?

Jackson Hospital & Clinic doctors, nurses & other health providers work together to provide the best patient outcomes. As a participant in BPCI Advanced, Jackson Hospital may be recognized for providing more coordinated care. Medicare will monitor the program at Jackson Hospital & Clinic, as well as other participants, to make sure you are getting efficient, high quality care.

What are bundle payments?

A bundled payment combines or bundles together payments that Medicare makes to your health care providers for Medicare services you get within a certain time period. In BPCI Advanced, this time period could include your hospital inpatient stay, outpatient procedure, plus 90 days.

Why would Medicare bundle payments?

Bundled payments are thought of as a “value-based” way to pay because Jackson Hospital & Clinic health care providers are responsible for both quality and cost they provide.