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Statement Regarding Dorothy Tillman

Hospital news | Monday, March 3, 2008

On the morning of Sunday, March 2, 2008, Dorothy Tillman was removed from Jackson Hospital premises by the Montgomery Police Department. This request was initiated by the hospital after repeated public disruption by Ms. Tillman.

Ms. Tillman, while accompanying a hospital patient, asked for a copy of the patient's records after the patient had been treated in the emergency room and discharged.

Hospital staff explained to Ms. Tillman that per hospital policy, medical records are given to patients, in accordance with federal privacy laws, after written request is received by the medical records department. Alternately, another medical facility can request a patient's records on behalf of a patient, in the course of the patient's treatment.

Ms. Tillman began speaking loudly in the emergency room lobby area, demanding that she be given a copy of the patient's records. Staff asked Ms. Tillman to lower her voice, but she did not. Hospital security staff stationed in the ER lobby were alerted and also attempted to calm Ms. Tillman. When she refused to comply, hospital staff called the Montgomery Police department for assistance.

Upon arrival of the Montgomery Police, Ms. Tillman continued to speak very loudly disregarding the requests of the officer to quiet down. After repeated warnings, the officer subsequently arrested Ms. Tillman at the request of the hospital security staff and took her off the hospital premises. A criminal trespass warrant was signed by hospital security.

We regret this unfortunate incident, but have found that all hospital staff acted appropriately and in accordance with hospital policies during their interactions with Ms. Tillman.

Due to patient privacy laws, no statement will be released regarding the patient's condition and/or treatment while at the hospital.