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Jackson Hospital performs Total Wrist Replacement

Hospital news | Monday, November 7, 2011

Hussein Turki, MD, a surgeon at Alabama Orthopaedic Specialists specializing in hand and upper extremity orthopaedics, recently performed a total-wrist replacement. The procedure is used to treat patients who have severe arthritic conditions involving the wrist. Arthritis may be due to a systemic process such as Rheumatoid disease or may be post traumatic following a wrist injury.

Wrist replacement surgery is designed to allow for painless range of motion. The older alternatives in people crippled by arthritic wrists had been a fusion. While eliminating pain, the fusion also eliminates motion. A wrist replacement can meet both goals. The postoperative course usually involves an overnight stay at the hospital followed by therapy as an outpatient.

“Total wrist replacements aren’t that common, and most candidates typically have severe arthritis but do not need to use the wrist to meet heavy demands,” says Turki. “The primary reasons for wrist replacement surgery are to relieve pain and to maintain function in the wrist and hand. Our ultimate goal is to help get the patient back to a normal daily lifestyle.”

Surgeons performing this procedure are highly experienced in this area, and have undergone extensive training. While it is a very technical procedure, the surgery takes around two hours under general anesthesia, and a cast or Velcro brace is necessary post-surgery.

Turki received his degree from Emory University School of Medicine, and upon graduation studied orthopedics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Turki completed his fellowship in hand and upper body extremities at the University of Chicago. He was in the Beta Chapter of Phi Sigma National Honor Society, the Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedical Honor Society and Phi Beta Kappa while at Emory.