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Sharing their thanks

"Great care and compassion"

We received Mrs. S as a rapid response patient from the floor on Saturday. Mrs. S was an elderly patient in acute respiratory distress; therefore, we intubated shortly after her arrival to the floor. The family was notified of her change in condition and asked if they could come in to see her and speak with the doctor.

We gladly allowed the patient's adult children to come to the hospital. After speaking with the physician and seeing their mother on the ventilator, her children decided to withdraw life support. We allowed her children to stay at the bedside and comfort their mother as she passed away, just minutes after extubation.

The family called me this morning and was so touched that we allowed them to be with their mother upon her death. They expressed their gratitude for the great care and compassion our staff provided to their mother and to them. They would like to list in Mrs. S's obituary that in lieu of flowers, please donate PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies to "critical care" at Jackson Hospital for their compassionate care.

—Phone call from patient's family to ICU Director Pam Nix

"Loving and caring hearts"

Our loving father was hospitalized on 3 East for over 20 days. He was diagnosed with COVID-19. We were unable to visit with him during this time. To say that we were beside ourselves is an understatement. We depended on the staff to communicate all changes and information to us. They did an unbelievable job. They each cared for him like he was their family member. Words cannot express how thankful we are.

I would call the day shift nurse and night shift nurse daily. They never once acted like I was a burden. They always stopped what they were doing to speak to me. All of the nurses were amazing, but two nurses really stand out. Ellie and Ann went above the call of duty. Also, the nurse who was with him the night that he passed was amazing. I don't think that I could sum up my sincere thankfulness in the written word.

Ellie even messaged us last night to check on us. This call showed me that she truly cared about our family, and for this I will forever be thankful. Jackson Hospital and staff will forever stand out in our minds. I will forever sing your praises. The care that was given to our dad was completed by a selfless staff. A staff that put their own health on the line to care for a COVID-19 patient.

"My children were able to say goodbye"

They allowed us to call him as well. My children were able to say goodbye to their grandfather one last time due to this call. Ellie was able to communicate our messages back and forth, as he is hard of hearing. Priceless. This call was priceless. I could go on and on. I just can't let this day pass without sharing our experience.

As a nurse myself, I realize the stress and concern of caring for a COVID patient. They never once treated him according to his diagnosis. They treated him like a father. A grandfather. They treated him with respect until the end. A massive thank-you to Dr. Chin as well. He called me numerous times and would speak for up to 20 minutes. All of our questions and concerns were addressed.

I hope that you will share this email with the staff of 3 East. I want them all to know how much they truly mean to us. The loss of our father has been devastating, but that blow has been softened due to this staff and their loving and caring hearts. "Thank you" doesn't seem sufficient, but I will say thank you.

Truly, thank you all. I can't tell you the number of times that the staff would cry with us over the phone. When you have a staff of talented and smart nurses who are full of compassion, you have a priceless staff. You without a doubt have a priceless staff.

Thank you again,

Fellow nurse and instructor at Bevill State Community College

Honor a hero

Would you like to salute a nurse for their care? Visit and click "The DAISY Award" under "Patient Resources" to share your thoughts.

Patient identities have been concealed in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

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