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Abandoning the paper trail

Electronic medical records help us take better care of you.

Computerized patient records are a growing trend in the medical industry. President Obama’s administration is supporting this trend with a goal of reducing the cost of healthcare without compromising patient privacy.

According to a government-sponsored survey published last year in The New England Journal of Medicine, only about 17 percent of the nation’s physicians are currently using computerized patient records. Some of those physicians are right here at Jackson Clinic, and we’re proud of their commitment to our patients.

“Our primary goal is to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs by staying on the leading edge of technological advancements,” said Michael Ritzus, administrator at the Jackson Clinic. “We are implementing the NextGen® electronic medical records (EMR) system. We rolled it out to all of our physicians in the internal medicine practice and are now focusing on family medicine. We’ve had great success with this system and are confident our patients are reaping the benefits.”

The Jackson Clinic chose the NextGen EMR system for its unique ability to help healthcare providers better care for patients by letting them share and manage clinical and administrative patient information through a comprehensive, single-source application.

What NextGen EMR can do
  • Maximum security. Encrypted servers and audit trails prevent unauthorized access to patient medical records.
  • Safeguard against drug interactions. To help prevent interactions and errors, prescriptions are automatically checked against a patient’s medications and allergies before they are electronically transmitted to the pharmacy.
  • Detailed documentation. Templates help record specialty-specific histories, assessments and detailed reports of patient visits.
  • Health maintenance. Providers can easily spot overdue patient exams, screenings, immunizations and tests. They can also create orders and customize schedules, ensuring patients are following preventive health guidelines.
  • Disease management. Templates prompt providers to enter required information to meet clinical guidelines for diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases at point of care.
  • Sharing records. Printed documents and clinical images can be captured from outside sources, such as specialists, and imported directly into a patient’s electronic chart for a complete, accurate and up-to-date medical record.
And the Jackson Clinic is not stopping advancements with the records system. Plans are in place to launch the NextMD® patient portal later this year. NextMD is a secure internet portal that promotes communication between patients and their providers. It can be used for appointment scheduling, prescription renewals, patient education and much more.

“Our physicians can look at a computer screen and have a comprehensive summary of a patient’s medical history and therefore address patients needs with increased speed and precision,” Ritzus said.

At Jackson Clinic we are committed to providing for your healthcare needs at all stages of life.

Find your perfect doctor at Jackson

At Jackson Hospital, we have primary care physicians who are qualified to help patients with health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, education, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. Our doctors are conveniently located on our hospital campus, providing easy access to specialists as well as referral relationships for specific care needs. Let us help you find a physician. Visit or call 334-293-8888 for more information.

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