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Why moms love Jackson

The $3 million renovation of the Mom & Baby Center is being funded by the Jackson Hospital Foundation. The generosity of our donors will make a significant impact in the lives of mothers throughout the River Region. If you'd like to participate by donating to the Foundation, please visit or call 334.293.6940.

For mothers who deliver at Jackson, a renovated space will be another reason for choosing Jackson. Yet the main reason, they say, is the compassionate care given by the staff.

"The staff really has a heart for moms and babies," said Brittony Henderson, who delivered baby girl Elaina Marie in October of 2014. "This was my second child, but my first planned C-section. I was definitely nervous when I arrived that morning, but I was immediately put at ease when I got to the Mom & Baby Center. The staff was kind, compassionate, and concerned for my comfort and well-being. The nurses walked me through the process I would go through before, during and after delivery."

More than she expected

Henderson said the care she received in the days after labor exceeded her expectations.

"I really can't express how extraordinary the postpartum nursing care is," she said. "The staff anticipated my needs and made sure I was comfortable. They included my family in their care and made my 5-year-old feel important and included as a new big brother."

Henderson said once she arrived home with her new baby, she realized she needed guidance from Jackson Hospital’s nurses. And again, she said, they delivered.

The time it takes

"It was really important to me that I breastfeed my newborn, but after several weeks at home we were still having trouble with it," she said. "I called the lactation consultant, who said she could see me right away. She took the time to sit with me through a feeding, assisting and giving tips. Her encouragement helped boost my confidence and determination to keep at it, and after three months, we're still going strong!

"The team in the Mom & Baby Center at Jackson is a phenomenal group of professionals who take wonderful care of new moms, babies and families, and they help ease the transition into life with a newborn. If we ever decide to have baby number three, we'll definitely be coming back to Jackson!"

Is this all new? We can answer your questions

If you are expecting your first baby, you'll probably have lots of questions about childbirth. When should I come to the hospital? How long will labor last? What pain relief options are there?

Thankfully, those questions (as well as many you probably haven't thought of yet) can be answered through childbirth education classes. These sessions help you and your labor coach—usually your partner, a family member or a good friend—prepare together for the arrival of your baby.

In the classes, you can expect to learn the signs and stages of labor, options for managing pain, ways to stay relaxed and in control during labor, and much more.

Join us for a class. We offer breastfeeding classes and prepared childbirth classes. We recommend registering for childbirth classes by your fourth month of pregnancy. For class dates and times or to register, visit or call 334.293.8497.

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