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Stepping right into the garden

Housed on the fourth floor in Jackson Hospital's north wing, the Family Birth Center at Jackson Hospital is the ideal place to have your baby. Funded completely by the Jackson Hospital Foundation, the renovations integrate comfort and convenience and feature state-of-the-art construction and equipment to make your birthing experience the best it can be.

Babies are born every day, but at the Family Birth Center at Jackson Hospital, we don't treat childbirth like an everyday event. From expert care teams to comfortable labor, delivery and recovery suites to our special care nursery, the experience is exceptional for mom and baby.

A moment of beauty

The main entry is made beautiful by a mosaic, "Nightingale of Paradise," created and installed by local artist Enid Probst and her assistant, Celeen Robertson. The mosaic was designed to uplift the spirits of the patients, families and staff of the Family Birth Center. It is like stepping into a flower garden full of life and transformation—a beautiful place because of its vibrant diversity of life forms and colors. The whole garden lifts up its voice to sing with the nightingale, which is warbling its melody of joy.

The details of the mosaic are concentrated on its lower third. That is intentional, considering the many children that pass through the hallway. Take a minute to identify the flowers and search for the bees, ladybugs, frog, rabbit, butterflies and other creatures featured!

The overall color scheme is light, balanced by cheerful accents of orchid, fresh green, rouge, sky blue and aqua. The Jackson Hospital Foundation and Total Image by Capitol Filmworks hosted a River Region photography contest to provide unique nature imagery for the Family Birth Center that shows new life.

"The first impression for visitors is that they have arrived at a special place," says Janet McQueen, Vice President of Marketing and Development.

Colorful images display selected works by local amateur photographers, Jackson Hospital employees and photography students at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School. The collection is presented free-floating on specially coated aluminum plates that take on a magical luminescence with an almost three-dimensional effect.

Right at home

Rooms have a family zone with comfortable sleeping and seating accommodations. Safety is a priority. We use quality materials and design details to prevent infection.

"Welcoming a new baby is such an exciting time for families, and we want our Family Birth Center to reflect the joy that comes with new life," McQueen says. "These renovations give our new moms spacious labor and delivery rooms doubling as recovery suites, while giving our physicians new state-of-the-art equipment they need to make Jackson Hospital a premier location for labor and delivery in the River Region."

Meet a Jackson mom!

Katie Svela Crews is no stranger to Jackson Hospital. In 2012, she chose Jackson as the place to deliver her first-born, George. Now that the Family Birth Center is open, she is returning to have her second child. We asked her about her past experience as well as her hopes for her new bundle of joy, who is expected to arrive in March.

Q: What did you like most about having your first child at Jackson?
I loved the spacious rooms and the personal attention that I received. David Kouri, MD; my nurse, Karen Bear; and the other staff made my experience flawless. I felt that I was surrounded by professionals who actually care and love their work. Knowing someone is going to do their best to accommodate and take care of you gives you a strong sense of comfort.

Q: What are you looking forward to this time around?
I look forward to the new facility—a new, clean and comfortable place to have my baby. Having room for family and visitors makes it feel more like home instead of a hospital room.

Q: What made you choose Jackson again?
The staff, facility and overwhelming sense of security made me choose Jackson again. My past experience gives me hope that I will have another amazing birth at Jackson Hospital. We live on the other side of town, but we choose to drive the extra miles because the quality of care will make it worth our while.

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