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Jackson Hospital and NRC are conducting a mail survey that reviews patients' experience at the hospital.

As part of Jackson Hospital’s continued effort to improve patient care and satisfaction, the hospital has partnered with National Research Corporation (NRC) Picker to better understand the patient experience. NRC Picker will coordinate patient satisfaction surveys upon discharge to give the hospital more information about quality-of-care issues as seen through the eyes of Jackson Hospital’s patients.
After being discharged, patients will receive a survey by mail that allows them to review their experience at Jackson Hospital. Participation in these surveys is important because it helps Jackson Hospital improve care in the future.

Jackson Hospital’s mission is to provide superior healthcare in a safe, compassionate environment while fulfilling our charitable obligation as a not-for-profit organization. In fulfilling that mission, Jackson Hospital strives to create an environment focused on the needs of the patient and family. Jackson Hospital is committed to working diligently with the National Research team to measure and improve the most important aspects of the patient experience.

To ensure the best results, Jackson Hospital partnered with the only global research firm providing integrated delivery of patient experience research and evidence-based best practices designed to improve patient-centered care. The NRC Picker survey instruments and improvement tools are built on the foundation of more than 7,000 interviews and focus groups conducted by the Picker Institute and Harvard University. This groundbreaking research identified what matters most to patients and was the first to define patient-centered care.

That research also yielded the eight dimensions of patient-centered care:
  • Respect for patient values, preferences and needs
  • Coordination and integration of care
  • Information and education
  • Physical comfort
  • Emotional support
  • Involvement of family and friends
  • Transition and continuity
  • Access to care

Jackson Hospital will focus measurement and accountability around these eight dimensions of patient-centered care in an effort to directly improve the quality of care and the patient experience.

For more information, visit or call 800-388-4264.
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