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Making “rare” events “never” events

Jackson Hospital has one of the lowest hospital-acquired infection rates in the state.

As I travel around our community, one of the most frequent questions I get as a hospital CEO is, “What is the hospital doing to prevent hospital-acquired infections?”

This winter we had one of the worst cold and flu seasons in Montgomery in recent memory. I am sure that we all tried to take precautions, such as getting flu shots and washing our hands frequently. But despite our best intentions, many in our region still suffered from colds, the flu or both.

Even in the summer, when the flu season is over, the rise of drug-resistant staph infections in the community is a constant worry for us.

This is one of the major issues challenging hospitals today. Despite our best efforts, someone in the hospital will still occasionally get a hospital-acquired infection.

We put our experts on it

In order to combat the spread of infectious diseases in the hospital setting, Jackson Hospital has engaged a team of experts to identify areas for improvement and then recommend solutions.  I am pleased to report that, because of these efforts, Jackson Hospital has one of the lowest hospital-acquired infection rates in the state. We also recently received special recognition for having an extremely low post-surgery infection rate—one of the lowest in the nation.

Although we still can’t promise that no one will ever get a hospital-acquired infection, we will continue to work toward the goal of maintaining a healthcare facility in which a hospital-acquired infection is the rarest of events and where patient safety thrives.

Watch future Partners issues for steps we’re taking

You may have read that there are a number of other “never” events coming to the public’s attention, such as medication errors. In coming issues of our publication, Partners, I plan to comment on what we are doing to address these other areas as well.

I am glad the flu season is over for now. And you can be sure that we will continue to work in the community’s interest to combat and treat these serious diseases in the hospital setting, wherever and whenever they arise.

Best regards,

Don Henderson
President and CEO
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