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Health Education 101

Jackson helps you make top grades in your health.

While most people associate healthcare organizations with sickness, surgery and an overall feeling of dread, Jackson Hospital is taking active steps to increase public awareness.

The education department’s wheels are constantly turning, and people may be unaware of the various wellness initiatives and classes offered on the hospital’s campus.

“We have a childbirth class, newborn class, breastfeeding class and grandparents’ class all offered on a monthly basis,” said Liz Owen, lactation consultant and childbirth educator. “The classes fill up quickly, so we ask that people register in advance to ensure their spot.”

In addition to these classes, screenings and educational seminars are held throughout the year.

Investing in younger generations

Not only does Jackson offer educational tools to the general public, but there is also a joint initiative in place with local high schools. Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School and Jeff Davis High School both have a health science continuum and health skills program. Every week during the school year, Jackson opens its doors to these junior and senior students who have qualified for the program.

The students are placed with a preceptor, or educational instructor, and rotate throughout 14 areas in the hospital. Popular rotations include nursing, radiology and physical therapy.

“The students are so excited that they are working in a hospital and are very prepared,” said Jeannie Handy, academic educator at Jackson. “They are taught to be professional and understand the rules, and the program would not flourish if the passion didn’t start in the schools.”

High school senior James Coley thanked the staff at Jackson for his experience in the letter below.

Dear Jackson Hospital Emergency Department,

I would like to start by simply thanking you for the opportunity you have given my peers and I to learn in a way that is truly a gift.

Being able to see the things we have spent the last two years studying first-hand is a great way to complete our time in Brewbaker Magnet High School’s Medical Academy.

Every day I went to Jackson Hospital was filled with one learning experience after another. You even realize how medical professionals handle the small things like greeting patients and communicating with other staff members. These are the kinds of things that will give us an advantage when we enter the medical field.

I can honestly say every employee I was in contact with was extremely helpful and welcoming. They all went out of their way to ensure my time was spent learning. I wouldn’t have seen half of the amazing procedures if it wasn’t for staff seeking us out. What high school student can say they got to see a chest tube insertion up close and personal? I wouldn’t be able to include myself in that group if it wasn’t for staff making sure we were present.

We were even lucky enough to see Jackson Hospital become a certified chest pain center. This meeting was a closed meeting for personnel, but they allowed us to sit in and observe. I don’t know if I will ever be in a facility again that treats people with the level of respect the hospital showed us.

My future aspiration is to become an oncologist, and I would consider myself lucky to spend time at a facility like this solely because of the atmosphere. It is my hope to continue to shadow at Jackson even when I graduate.

Once again, I want to thank everyone involved for their time and support they offered to make this an eye-opening learning experience.


James M. Coley

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