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Five Months In

My bariatric surgery was Sept. 16, 2014 with Dr. Brian Gary, so it has been just over five months since the procedure. I've already lost 87 pounds! The surgery was just the beginning of the weight loss journey. It really is a complete lifestyle change. I go to the gym three times each week and do cardio (treadmill and elliptical) and weight training/toning. My diet has also changed significantly. I eat a lot more protein now than I did before -- chicken, fish and I love beef jerky. To make sure I get enough protein (which is important for the post-surgery diet), I also eat protein bars. My favorite is the strawberry bar! I have to admit, I do still want junk food, like cake and candy, from time to time. Prior to my surgery, I loved Mexican food. My husband and I recently went out for Mexican food because I was really craving it. I ate something I shouldn't have, and it made me sick. I learned my lesson about eating foods that aren't part of the diet. Drinking water is important, too. On average, I drink about 40 ounces of water per day. I can't drink too much at one time so I keep a bottle with me and drink throughout the day.

The summer before I had my surgery, I weighed 372 pounds. My goal weight is 180. But, I'm so proud of how far I've come so far. I feel great and I have more energy now than I have ever had!