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Administrative Team

  • Joe Riley
    Joe B. Riley
    President and CEO
  • Michael James
    Michael James
    Vice President and COO

  • Ben Wells
    Ben Wells
    Vice President and CFO

  • Jan Hill
    Vice President and CNO

  • Gina Anderson
    Vice President and CIQO

Board of Trustees

The Jackson Hospital Board of Trustees combines interested community members and physicians working together to further the Jackson Hospital mission.

  • Steven Barrington
    Steven Barrington, MD

  • Ed Crowell

  • Lemuel Gorden, MD
  • Wilbur Huffman
    Wilbur Hufham
  • Michael Ingram, MD
    Michael Ingram, MD
  • Keith Karst
    Keith Karst
  • Rene A. Llera Jr.
    René A. Llera, Jr., MD
  • Jo Karen Parr
    Jo Karen Parr
  • Pat Ryan, MD
    Pat Ryan, MD
  • George Thompson
    George Thompson
  • Ken Upchurch, III
    Ken Upchurch, III