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Jackson Hospital offers an exciting approach to pre- and post-operative care for our total joint replacement patients. This program recognizes that people who have total joint replacement aren't "sick." They simply have painful joints. We've designed the Orthopedic and Joint Center to be a more holistic healing model that helps patients and their families focus on recovery.

Our physicians and specially trained nursing staff work collaboratively to provide each patient with safe, quality care while ensuring an outstanding hospital experience. We also provide aggressive pain management in order to enable you to actively participate in physical therapy. Physical therapy plays a fundamental role in the recovery process after joint surgery.

A vital part of the Joint Replacement experience is sharing with individuals who are also having joint replacement. This group approach to care gives patients extra support while they are here. Patients have group physical therapy in the on-site gym. During the recovery period, patients may wear their own clothing instead of hospital gowns. We encourage individualized care by taking your preferences in account whenever possible. We strive to provide a healing environment designed to put you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Another key to success is the patient's coach—a family member or friend who will help them throughout the recovery process. All total joint replacement patients are highly encouraged to attend Joint Venture class at Jackson Hospital. Together the patient and coach learn about the procedure and recovery, improving their knowledge and expectations.

At Jackson Hospital we take great pride in the success of our Joint Program. On average, our patients are leaving the hospital sooner and with better range of motion.

To learn more about this center, please call 334-293-8020.

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