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Why isn’t my doctor seeing me in the hospital?

Your primary care physician and your hospitalist have formed a partnership in order to better treat your medical needs and improve both your inpatient and outpatient experience. Even though you will not see your primary care physician while you are in the hospital, your hospitalist will work closely with your doctor to understand your needs as well as any important past medical history.

How does treatment by a hospitalist benefit me?

If you are hospitalized, your illness may be serious. Hospitalists treat only hospitalized patients. Our physicians are skilled in the latest inpatient diagnostics and treatments. Since a hospitalist is available to you at all times, we are always available to respond to a change in your condition.

How will my doctor know what has happened in the hospital?

Your outpatient primary care physician can expect to receive a complete summary of your hospitalization. Your hospitalist will ensure a smooth transition of your care from the hospital to your primary care physician through a written discharge summary as well as verbal communication regarding important aspects of your care.

How do I pay for services rendered by hospitalists and will my insurance cover the costs?

Hospitalist fees are very similar to what you would expect from your outpatient primary care doctor if he or she were to treat you in the hospital. It is important to recognize that regardless of which doctors care for you, some portion of the physician bill for your care, while in the hospital, may not be covered by your insurance company. Therefore, you will receive a bill directly from the hospitalist company for the portion of our services not covered by your insurance company such as deductibles, co-pays, etc.

What is a Physician Support Specialist (PSS) and how can they enhance the quality of my medical care?

Physician Support Specialists are not doctors or nurses. Therefore, they cannot give you medical advice. They will help you through your inpatient treatment experience. Physician Support Specialists work exclusively for our physicians and are responsible only for our patients. Your PSS will assist in scheduling your follow up appointments with your Primary Care Physician. You can also expect your PSS to call you after you have left the hospital to ensure a smooth transition back to your outpatient care setting.

What should I expect from my hospitalist while I am in the hospital?

You can expect the very best medical care and you can expect is to be delivered with kindness and compassion. Your physician will see you at least once per day and more often if necessary. Your hospitalist will keep you and your family informed of tests, their results, the overall progress of your treatment and your anticipated discharge date and time. Since we are committed to accurate and timely communication, in the event of large extended families we ask that one family member be designated as the contact person.

What if I need to speak with the doctor that treated me in the hospital?

Since hospitalists do not have outpatient practices, you will not have an appointment to see your hospitalist after discharge. If you have questions after discharge, you may contact your PSS and they will put you in touch with your hospitalist.

What if I don’t have a primary care physician?

Physician Support Specialists can assist you in finding a physician after leaving the hospital. Records from your hospitalization will be sent to the physician of your choice.

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