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Jackson Hospital receives Chest Pain Center Accreditation

LogoJackson Hospital announces that it has received Chest Pain Center Accreditation from the Society of Chest Pain Centers (SCPC), an international organization dedicated to eliminating heart disease as the number one cause of death worldwide. Hospitals that have received SCPC accreditation have achieved a higher level of expertise in dealing with patients who arrive with symptoms of a heart attack. They emphasize the importance of standardized diagnostic and treatment programs that provide more efficient and effective evaluation as well as more appropriate and rapid treatment of patients with chest pain and other heart attack symptoms. They also serve as a point of entry into the healthcare system to evaluate and treat other medical problems, and they help to promote a healthier lifestyle in an attempt to reduce the risk factors for heart attack.

Our Heart Center Services

From our Chest Pain Center and Cardiac Cath Lab to our state-of-the-art Open Heart Surgical Suites, CCU and CVICU, Jackson is well-equipped to handle all matters of the heart. Our complete Heart Center was recently updated with some exciting features.

We added a second cath lab. The new lab is equipped with a Philips flat panel cardiac system capable of completing diagnostic, interventional cardiac and peripheral procedures without surgery. The new system allows more data to be collected during each procedure and provides staff with instant access to a patient’s history.

The Heart Center renovation also included the construction of a new six bed pre- and post-procedure unit and the addition of a separate waiting room for heart patients. This has allowed us to double our capacity for cardiac catheterization, which will allow us to better serve the River Region community as the demand for heart care increases.

Another area of focus is emergency intervention to prevent or reduce harm from heart attacks. Jackson Hospital is well-equipped to rapidly diagnose and treat cardiac emergencies, including 24-hour availability of cardiac stent placement and cardiac surgery if needed. 

The Heart Center expansion was made possible in part through the generous contributions of donors to the Jackson Hospital Foundation.


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