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Board of Directors

The Jackson Hospital Foundation is governed by a board of dedicated members of the community who strive to improve the health of our region.

  • Brad Armagost
  • G. Carlton Barker
    G. Carlton Barker
    Chairman's Council
  • Frances Boyette
    Frances Boyette, MD
  • Cedric Bradford
  • Morris E. Capouya
    Morris E. Capouya
  • Arla Chandler
    Arla Chandler
  • Christopher Dubberly
    Christopher Dubberly
  • Lemuel Gorden
    Lemuel Gorden, MD
  • Laura Harmon
    Laura Harmon
    Chairman's Council
  • Sandra Hicks Larson
    Sandra Hicks Larson
  • Jeanie Holloway
    Jeanie Holloway
  • Jeila Kershaw
    Jeila Kershaw
  • Janet S. McQueen
    Janet S. McQueen
  • C. Derek Parrish
    C. Derek Parrish
    Chairman's Council
  • Joe B. Riley
    Joe B. Riley
  • William D. Smith
    William D. Smith, MD
    Chairman's Council
  • Benjamin C. Wilson
    Benjamin C. Wilson
  • John Yelverton
    John Yelverton
  • Not Pictured:
    Hans Luquire
    Marcela Richardson
    Susan Ryan
    Eddie Stivers