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Administrative Team

  • Joe Riley
    Joe B. Riley
    President and CEO
  • Michael James
    Michael James
    Vice President and COO

  • Ben Wells
    Ben Wells
    Vice President and CFO
  • Sharon Goodison
    Sharon Goodison
    Vice President and CNO

Board of Trustees

The Jackson Hospital Board of Trustees combines interested community members and physicians working together to further the Jackson Hospital mission.

  • Portait of William D. Smith, MD
    William Smith, MD
    Chief of Staff
  • Steven Barrington
    Steven Barrington, MD
  • Randall Cook
    Randall Cook, MD
  • Ron Dickerson, Jr.
    Ron Dickerson, Jr.
  • Wilbur Huffman
    Wilbur Hufham
  • Michael Ingram, MD
    Michael Ingram, MD
  • Keith Karst
    Keith Karst
  • Rene A. Llera Jr.
    René A. Llera, Jr., MD
  • Jo Karen Parr
    Jo Karen Parr
  • Pat Ryan, MD
    Pat Ryan, MD
  • George Thompson
    George Thompson
  • Ken Upchurch, III
    Ken Upchurch, III